We're an inter-disciplinary team

University of Bath team

Scientists at University of Bath

The University of Bath team developed the signalling vesicle concept and developed the technology from initial concept to a demonstrator technology, which has been successfully tested in a ex-vivo pilot clinical study (SPaCE-Pilot).

The team won a prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry award in 2018.

The clinical team

Consultants and research nurses at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children (BRCH) and Queen Victoria Hospital (QVH), East Grinstead:

  • Dr Amber Young, former Paediatric Burns Lead at BRCH*
  • Simon Booth, Senior Research Nurse at QVH
  • Karen Coy, Senior Research Nurse at BRCH
The clinical team

*Early clinical work was led by Dr Amber Young at the Bristol Children’s Hospital, who sadly died in 2022. Her drive behind this work helped deliver the development of the technology to the stage it is at now.

The Technical Team

Dr June Mercer-Chalmers

Dr June Mercer-Chalmers

June is our technical project manager.

Dr Naing Tun Thet

Dr Naing Tun Thet

Thet is our principal scientist.

Professor Toby Jenkins

Professor Toby Jenkins

Toby is the University of Bath group Principal Investigator.

The Commercial Team

SmartWound Ltd.

Recently, the University has spun off the technology to form a company called SmartWound Ltd.

The goal is to register the first diagnostic (SmartWound® RESOLVE) by 2025 and target sales in the UK, Europe and Emerging markets.

Donald de Korte (COO)

Donald is a seasoned business leader and Medical Doctor –Epidemiologist with more than 30 years experience in pharmaceuticals, vaccine, diagnostic organisations and public health. He has worked for Merck, Novartis, Biosynex as well as the Gates Foundation. Donald combines a deep knowledge of healthcare systems in Europe, Middle East and Africa with a strong business acumen.

Alan Boyce (CEO)

Alan started his sales and marketing career with Procter and Gamble Pharmaceuticals before moving into Clinical Research with a CRO. He has worked on healthcare start ups for the last 10 years which has included experience in surgical devices, drug development and clinical research services. He has worked in all of the key healthcare markets in his various roles including Africa and India.